Optimal space solutions for all requirements

If you are looking for a mobile space solution that is economic, practical and functional then JCC GROUP – PREFABEX container is the right solution for you.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers come in standard dimensions as well as customized ones.

The advantages you will enjoy with JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers are:

  • Economic price
  • Quick assembly
  • Excellent insulation for both heat and sound
  • Ability to expand by joining many units together
  • wide range of additional options and accessories 

Thanks to their sophisticated modular design, JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers can be used as individual units or joined together to form 3 story buildings that can be used as employee accommodation, workers’ accommodation, bank branches, classrooms, clinics or sales offices.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX standard containers come in two different width options that are 2.4 and 3 m. As for the length it can be between 3 and 12 m according to customer request. a standard 3×7 m container includes 1 door, 2 windows, light fixtures, sockets and fuse box. Partitions, doors, windows, transoms, WC and shower units can be added upon request.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX offers many insulation options including EPS (polystyrene foam), Rock wool or Polyurethane.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers are produced under strict quality control and factory environment as demountable or flat pack system. Using the flatpack system, up to 10 units of 2.3×6 m containers can be transported in one 40′ HC container. As for the demountable system (container shipped as profiles), 10 units of 3×7 m containers can be transported in one 40′ HC container. JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers are available in various sizes and different layout options.

The modular design of JCC GROUP – PREFABEX containers allows easy modification to suit every customer’s need. You can add sandwich panel partitions according to the required layout. Furthermore, there is a wide range of options that can be included such as WC/Shower unit, kitchenette, curtains, shutters, washing basin…etc.

Technical data

Dimensions (cm):

240×240, 240×300, 240×400, 240×500, 300×300, 300×400 x 300×500, 240×600, 300×700, 300×900, 300×1200, 400×1200

Height: 260 cm


Special cold roll formed galvanized steel profiles with thicknesses between 1.5 and 2 mm. All connections are done by seamless technology that uses bolts and nuts.

Roof and wall panels:

Roof and wall are produced as 5 cm thickness sandwich panels with external and internal surfaces from 0.45 mm thickness painted galvanized steel sheets.


45 mm thickness polystyrene foam 16 kg/m³ density

Rockwool or polyurethane can also be chosen by customers for insulation.

Floor insulation can also be considered upon request.

Floor covering:

16 mm thickness cement board + 2 mm PVC vinyl

Floor Load:

200 kg/m²