Tailored building solutions for every industry and every sector

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX specializes in building modular buildings at a competitive prices and delivering them to any destination in the world. Our business is centered on delivering premium quality, lasting durability and aesthetic comfortable designs.

Our standard specifications are thoughtfully designed to be economic, energy-efficient, maintenance-free, aesthetic design and durable. Furthermore, we offer our customers a wide selection of internal and external finishing, in addition to possibility of customizing the plan according to their requirements. With our long years of accumulated experience we offer our clients hundreds of ready plans and projects to choose from. Whether you require a school, hospital, clinic, office, dormitory, dining hall or residential building then JCC GROUP – PREFABEX can offer you the right solution that best meet your requirements.

 The advantages of JCC GROUP – PREFABEX modular buildings are:

  • Controlled quality that is ensured by the pre-manufacturing of all the elements of the building within modern factory conditions.
  • Assembly of the building is fast and can be completed within few days, which helps in avoiding negative effects resulting from bad weather conditions, site disturbance, site pollution…etc
  • Energy saving thanks to the high insulation of the walls and roof.
  • Wide range of architectural solutions including external and internal options for finishing.
  • Affordable when compared with traditional methods of construction.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX buildings are the best solutions for building requirements in Educational, medical, commercial, industrial, military and construction sectors.   

Technical Data


  • Snow load                               : 75 kg/m²
  • Chassis load capacity             :200 kg/m²
  • Earthquake resistance             : First-degree seismic zone
  • Load-bearing system               : Consists of special C, U and H galvanized profiles


Produced as press panel system and joined together by H profiles.

  • Total Wall thickness is 10 cm
  • External surface is cement board 8 mm thickness
  • Internal surface is cement board 8 mm thickness
  • Insulation Material:  84 mm thickness of EPS (Polystyrene foam) 16 kg/m³ density


Gable roof structure. Other roof systems are also available as an option.

  • 30% incline
  • Gable end trusses covered with PVC paneling
  • Eaves and overhangs are 20 cm
  • Around the roof PVC rain gutters and downspouts are installed
  • Roof Covering: Trapezoidal painted steel sheet 0.45 mm thickness


  • Covering: 12 mm thickness gypsum board
  • Wet areas covering: 8 mm thickness cement board
  • Insulation: 80 mm thickness 14 kg/m² density glass wool A1 fire rated
  • Electrostatic painted aluminum profiles are used to join gypsum boards


  • Exterior Door: 90×200 cm steel door (TSE certified)
  • Interior Doors: 80×200 cm American panel door with metal frame
  • PVC, aluminum or MDF doors are also available as options


  • Type: PVC windows 60 series
  • Dimensions: 40×60 cm for bathrooms 100×120, 120×160, 160×160 cm for rooms
  • Glass: double glazed 4+12+4 mm, transom is single layer frosted glass


  • Cables: 3×1.5 & 3×2.5 Nym
  • Sockets and Switches: high quality first class Turkish brands
  • Lighting fixtures: round globe
  • Main fuse box: Siemens brand, located above the main door


  • Clean water pipes: PVC
  • Waste water pipes: PPRC
  • Sanitary ware and armatures: high quality first class Turkish brands


  • Structure: formed by means of seamless technology through use of special cold roll formed galvanized steel profiles
  • Height of chassis is 200 mm
  • Flooring of first floor is 14-16 mm thickness cement board
  • Insulation: 80 mm thick of glass wool
  • Live load of chassis is 200 kg/m²


  • External metal parts are painted with double layer coating and double layer synthetic oil paint. External cement boards panels surfaces are painted with acrylic paint. For external wall mastic is applied on the jointing areas.
  • The interior cement board surfaces and ceiling gypsum boards are painted with TSE certified plastic paint.


  • Structure: formed by means of seamless technology through use of special cold roll formed galvanized steel profiles
  • Steps: steel sheet covered with cement board
  • Railing: produced from decorative wrought iron