Innovative concept of street kiosks

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX kiosks and cabins are the best solutions for utilizing small spaces. With a wide range of dimensions and designs available to meet different customers’ needs, our cabins are affordable and low maintenance. JCC GROUP – PREFABEX polyester cabins present ideal solution for guard booths, WC and shower units, tickets sales kiosks, taxi stands, police control points, modular office, customer service points, bakery kiosks, buffet cabins, café kiosk, newspaper and magazine selling kiosks, worksite security rooms, and catering units for sports venue, festivals, events, railway stations, and town centers. 

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX polyester cabin is a product of high quality and contemporary design insight with dimensions ranging between 1.5 x 1.5 m and 6.1 x 10 m. You can choose also to customize the plan according to your specific requirements by adding partitions, WC/Shower unit, kitchenette, wider windows…etc. There are also many options that can be considered including shelves, counter desk with drawer, curtains, shutters, roller shutter and air conditioner.

  Advantages of JCC GROUP – PREFABEX GRP cabins:

  • Demountable structures that allow maximum number to be shipped in one shipping container
  • Easy assembly: one cabin can be assembled within two hours by two workers
  • Comfortable with sound and heat insulation
  • Aesthetic designs that can be used confidently in city centers
  • A solution for every need thanks to the wide range of dimensions and plans available
  • Advertising-friendly structure that can be easily wrapped with corporate designs
  • Easy to clean with its glossy surfaces
  • Possibility of producing some models as mobile toilets and showers
  • Affordable, flexible and ready to use accommodation solutions
  • Secure and robust

Modular living cabins from JCC GROUP – PREFABEX are shipped with all parts included such as doors, windows, electric network, sanitary network and flooring.

Being fully produced within factory environment allow for strict control on quality, which reduces the possibility of defective products to zero level.

We offer our polyester cabins with extra chassis with forklift pockets for easy and quick relocation.

General Technical Specifications

Dimensions (cm):

130×130, 100×150, 150×150, 220×220, 150×220, 150×270, 220×270, 270×270, 270×390, 270×510, 270×630, 270×750, 270×870, 270×990, 390×390, 390×510, 390×750, 390×1000, 510×610, 610×750, 610×1000.  

Height: 240 cm

Roof and wall panels:

Roof and wall are produced as double-walled panels with external and internal surfaces from glass fiber reinforced polyester, and mounted by using antibacterial neutral silicon, and insulated with hard polyurethane foam.


40 mm thickness and 40 kg/m³ density Polyurethane foam is injected inside the panels.

Floor covering:

16 mm thickness cement board + 2 mm PVC vinyl

Floor Load:

200 kg/m²


External door is aluminum door painted with white color electrostatic powder


Aluminum frames painted with white color electrostatic powder. 4 mm thickness tempered glass

Electric and sanitary installations:

Top quality TSE certified Turkish brands.