The space you want with the functions you need

Pre-engineered buildings are factory- built buildings that consist of rigid frames fabricated as beams and columns and connected together by bolts and nuts. These frames can span large distances without the need for intermediate supporting columns. On top of the beams and columns comes the roof purlins that are attached to the roofing system.  

This style of construction is ideal for industrial buildings, warehouses, factory buildings, workshops, car parking space, supermarkets, community halls, auditoriums, commercial complexes, hangars, showrooms, schools, offices, primary health centers …etc.

At JCC GROUP – PREFABEX we offer design and built services and provide off the shelf solutions in addition to custom-engineered ones.

 The main advantages of JCC GROUP – PREFABEX structural steel system

  • Aesthetic designs and different options of cladding
  • Faster completion with average production period 4-8 weeks
  • Economic in terms of materials used, foundation required and assembling
  • Erection process is easy and fast
  • Seismic resistance because of the low weight flexible frames
  • The ability to monitor closely every stage of production eliminates the possibility of production mistakes and as a result customers get a maintenance free building.  

Erection of structural steel system is done by JCC GROUP – PREFABEX experienced teams. The painted steel sections are lifted into place by crane, and then bolted together by making sure each bolt is tightened to exactly the right amount of torque.

The foundations of pre-engineered steel buildings are made with conventional concrete systems. Since these buildings are light weight, the foundations normally are thick concrete slabs that are designed to firmly anchor the structures to the ground.

JCC GROUP – PREFABEX offers many cladding options such as the economical painted corrugated metal sheeting on both roof and external walls. As an alternative EPS, Rockwool or polyurethane insulated sandwich panels can be applied in case insulation is required for roof and walls. Polycarbonate skylights can also be installed in the roof sheeting to create natural lighting.

Our buildings are manufactured in accordance with international codes, and our engineers work hard to provide simple, economical, yet fully functional solutions.

 General Technical Specifications

-Structural Components:

  • Anchor bolts and plates
  • Hot-rolled Transverse rigid frames, lean-to-rafters and columns, interior beams and columns
  • Purlins, girts, wind bracing, flange bracing
  • High strength galvanized bolts

-Wall and roof covering: Unpainted galvanized trapezoidal steel sheet


  • painted galvanized steel sheet
  • Sandwich panel with Polyurethane insulation


Polyester lighting band


  • PVC windows
  • Aluminum windows

-Mechanical, electrical concrete and civil works: Not included -Paint: Primer and oil paint for primary structural members

-Paint: Primer and oil paint for primary structural members